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Annual meeting poster for January 24, 2021
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Annual Meeting Participation

We look forward to your participation in the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 24th at about 10:15AM immediately following our 9:30AM live-stream worship. During that meeting, we will be presenting an update on the church as well as the 2021 budget.

Given the restrictions regarding gathering because of COVID-19, we are live-streaming this meeting, just as we did for the Preliminary Budget meeting in October.

A quorum will be determined by the number of “Views” of this live-streaming event and that number will be monitored by Jeannette Lloyd.

There will be two votes required: one to approve the minutes from the Preliminary Budget meeting in October and the other to approve the 2021 budget.

When we ask for a vote, please let us know ONLY if your vote is NO by either texting or emailing Jeannette Lloyd at (708) 269-7174 or

Moderator Ann Keller will announce the outcome of the votes for acceptance of the October minutes as well as for the approval of the 2021 budget at the end of this meeting to give everyone a chance to vote. If you do not vote “No,” we will assume your vote is “Yes.”

Also, if during the course of this meeting you have any questions or other business, please text or email Jeannette and she will relay those questions.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation in the governance of our wonderful church.

First Congo on YouTube

Currently we are predominantly offering pre-recorded worship services, but we will be live-streaming specific worship services. For these live-streamed events, please click below.

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