Health Ministries

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Our Faith Community Nurse
Jean Larson, MSN, RN

First Congregational Church is pleased to offer the congregation access to a Health Ministry program led by our Faith Community Nurse, Jean Larson, MS, RN.

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Our Faith Community Nurse supports the holistic health of our members by helping them to see the link between faith and health all through the following activities: personal health counseling, health education, health screenings, referral to medical practitioners and resources, and the facilitation of support groups. Although Jean holds an advanced nursing degree in geriatric nursing, she serves members of all ages.

For more information about any of our Health Ministry program offerings, contact Jean at 708.784.1900 or at

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The following new, comprehensive guide aims to help medicare recipients identify the different types of outpatient and inpatient services that are covered as well as eligibility, and most importantly, how to get help paying for services and medications.

You can view the guide here:

Jean Larson, our Faith Community Nurse, is also available to help you navigate these resources. 

Annual Congregational Health Screening

The Annual Congregational Health Screening typically takes place in November. Check Gatherings, weekly emails, or the church calendar for updates as to when the next annual congregational health screening will take place.

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Annual Flu Shot Clinics

Flu shot clinics are typically held in September or October.

Check Gatherings, weekly emails, or the church calendar for updates as to when the annual congregational flu shot clinic will take place.

Called to Care

Called to Care is comprised of volunteers who offer compassion, time, support and prayer to other members who may no longer be able to attend church or are experiencing an illness. These visiting lay care companions do not replace visits from First Congregational Church clergy or our Faith Community Nurse, but complement the visits made by the pastoral care team.  Volunteers hold these relationships and conversations in confidence. Faith Community Nurse Jean Larson and Rev. Meredith Onion are the staff liaisons. Barry and Nancy Orr-Depner are the lay leaders. Please contact any of these liaisons if you would like to learn more, volunteer or be matched with a companion.

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Caregiver Support Group

The Caregiver Support Group allows caregivers to talk to others who are experiencing the same joys and challenges, who not only can empathize, but also offer valuable insights and counsel.

Our group meets in the Seim Room the 2nd Monday of each month from 1:30–3pm.

Contact Faith Community Nurse Jean Larson at with any questions.

Congo Cooks Meal Ministry

The Congo Cooks Meal Ministry helps us to care for one another by providing meals to members in need of help due to a hospitalization, injury, new baby, or other life challenge. Volunteers sign up on an as-needed basis to make and deliver a meal. To be added to this meal team of volunteers, please contact our Faith Community Nurse Jean Larson at

An extension of the Meal Ministry is the Congo Cooks Soup Ministry which allows for us to have packaged homemade soup and bread frozen and available for our pastors and nurse to deliver when making pastoral visits.

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Medical Equipment Lending Closet

Members may borrow medical equipment for temporary use through the medical lending closet. Items such as walkers, canes, commodes, and bath benches are available.

For more information, please contact Parish Nurse Jean Larson at

Transport Services

If you need help getting to and from church, contact Parish Nurse Jean Larson at 708.784.1900 or at Jean will make arrangements for your transportation.

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Classes and Workshops

Learn more about our classes and workshops including:

  • Faith & Flow Yoga
  • Tai Chi classes
  • Watercolor Classes
  • Music