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Stewardship means sharing the love, giving thanks for all the resources — spiritual, theological, physical, and financial — that support our essential ministry. We invite you to consider prayerfully, over the coming weeks, how you will support, with your time,
talents and financial blessings, our remarkable
community of faith and its ministries.

First Congo branded border for hero banners
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PROMISE SUNDAY, Oct. 24, 2021

Together, on Promise Sunday, October 24, you are invited to bring your pledge (or mail it in advance) so that we can celebrate the beautiful gift of our shared “future with hope.”


We invite you to listen to the words of our senior pastor, Rich Kirchherr, in the following brief VIDEO to understand the importance of stewardship for our congregation:

A letter from the pastor

Dear Friends,

First Congo is a community of hope, a place of love that we all share. It is a faith community where we share God’s compassion, dignity and joy with the world.

October 24, Promise Sunday, is a day of hope as well.  This is the day we ask you to bring your pledges to help support our ministry in 2022. We will place them in the offering plate to be blessed.

We hope you will prayerfully consider your support for this home that we all share. I ask that you not only continue your generous support of the church, but increase your gift, if able. Why? We expect 2022 to be a challenging financial year (2022 pledges thus far show a slight net decrease). However, we believe in a future with hope.

In 2022, we hope to do the following.

  • Increase our mission giving both to our neighbors that we know by name and those whose names we may never know. These are difficult days, many are in need, and to whom much is given, much is expected.
  • Give our wonderful staff a modest increase in compensation.
  • Continue and expand the faith formation of our children and youth, especially with those families still not yet comfortable returning to in-person church. We are delighted that we have 130 children registered for Sunday school, 35 confirmands, and over 100 youth involved in our ministry with young people! This church, even in the depths of the Great Depression, increased support for its ministry with children and youth, believing that it is essential to tell the good news of God’s love to the generations that follow. 
  • Care for our beautiful campus, a gift to us from earlier generations, which is now our responsibility. As our congregation returns to in-person ministries, and with an expected rise in energy, and other costs in 2022, we anticipate substantial increases in costs for maintenance, utilities and supplies.

These are just a few of our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Your church needs your support.  To be clear, though, we will do this together, offering up all our skills, our hopes, our ideas, our money, and our hearts to answer God’s call — “to love one another, as Christ has loved us.”

So, please find a quiet moment and consider your support of our church in 2022.  Then, bring your pledge on Promise Sunday, mail your pledge card or update Realm with your 2022 pledge.

Friends, with the past so full of grace, our future — thanks be to God — is likewise full of hope.

Thank you for your remarkable generosity and leadership.

Rich Kirchherr

Every pledge is important and is an expression of your relationship to God and First Congregational Church of Western Springs, regardless of individual capacity to give. And each pledge is gratefully received. Through faithful financial stewardship, you will truly receive much more than you give and grow closer to God.