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The sharing of your time, talent and financial blessings is known as stewardship. Stewardship is essential to our church’s call to tell the world of a loving God whose mercy and hope was made flesh in Jesus.

Your generosity helps to support everything that we do, including supporting our mission partners in their ministries of hope; our pastoral care for members, friends and strangers; the worship of God in music and prayer; the faith formation of our children and youth; and the care for our beautiful campus. So thank you — for the sharing of your gifts to our work for hope, love and justice.

Here are some of the many ways to give to First Congo:

  • Check
  • Sunday offering plate
  • Gifts of stock or security
  • Charitable fund or IRA distributions
  • Estate planning
  • Auto withdrawal
  • Online giving via REALM

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your giving options, please contact our Business Manager, Nancy O’Brien at or 708.391.0448.

First Congo branded border for hero banners

Pay or Donate for Anything

Pay or donate for any purpose, including:

  • Recurring or one-time gift to the Church’s general fund
  • Special offering
  • Memorial gift
  • Faith & Flow Yoga
  • Altar flowers ($55)
  • Poinsettia or Easter Altar Flowers (in season)
  • Gifts of Hope (in December)
  • Other miscellaneous or seasonal gifts
First Congo branded border for hero banners

Preschool Registration Payment

The registration fee for one class is $90/child, multiple classes is $125/child. Please contact Jeannette Lloyd at with any questions.

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“Tithing is an Old Testament principle, giving ten percent of what we have and hold to God. If you were to ask me if “tithing” is an important principle for today, I would say “no.” I think the invitation is not for 10 percent but for 100 percent. We are trustees of 100 percent of the life entrusted to us by God. The question then becomes how we should spend our lives, being the gifts that they are.”