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Confirmation is an important and ancient rite of passage in the Christian life of faith. It is a time when our young teens begin to “own” their faith, and make their commitment to Christ and the Church. Throughout the year, confirmands will study basic Christian themes, history, and practices. The word confirm means to “make firmer and stronger,” and that is what we hope will happen in our confirmands’ faith through this process, undertaken with their peers and supported by adult sponsors.

The class takes place on Sundays from 10:15–11:30am (or 5–6:15pm depending on the time of year) in the Youth Room. There will be discussions, activities, service projects, field trips, and reflection to guide their formation as Christians. If you have questions, or want to get involved, please contact Mike Tilden at tilden@wscongo.org.

2019–2020 Year at a Glance

Sept. 8: Evening kickoff – (6:00pm) – Sanctuary and Plymouth Hall – Parents AND Confirmands

Sept. 15: Class at 10:15am

Sept. 22: Class at 10:15am

Sept. 28–29: Confirmation Retreat – First Congo Church (6pm, Saturday – 10am, Sunday)

Oct. 6: Class at 10:15am

Oct. 12: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Oct. 13: Class at 10:15am

Oct. 19: Rummage Sale Drop-Off (10am – noon)

Oct. 20: Class at 10:15am (during rummage sale drop-off weekend)

Oct. 20: Rummage Sale Drop-Off (1-3pm)

Oct. 26: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Oct. 27: Crop Walk! 12:30pm (registration) – 3pm @ First Congo!!

Nov. 2: Styrofoam collection (9am – noon)

Nov. 2: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Nov. 3: Worship Attendance (10:30am) + Lunch discussion (11:30am–12:30pm)

Nov. 9: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Nov. 10: Class at 10:15am (Veteran’s Day wknd)

Nov. 16: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Nov. 17: Class at 10:15am

Nov. 23: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Nov. 24: Class at 10:15am

Dec. 1: No Class – Thanksgiving Weekend

Dec. 1: Styrofoam collection (9am – noon)

Dec. 7: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Dec. 8: Class at 10:15am

Dec. 14: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Dec. 15: Class at 10:15am

Dec. 21: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Jan. 4: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Jan. 5: Worship Attendance (10:30am)

Jan. 11: Night Ministry Cook/Serve (11:30am – 4pm)

Jan. 12: Worship Attendance (10:30am) + Confirmand Check-In! (11:30–12:30pm) (lunch included)

Jan. 19: Class at 10:15am

Jan. 26: Class at 9am – Annual Meeting to follow

Feb. 1: Styrofoam collection (9am – noon)

Feb. 2: Worship Attendance, Youth Sunday & Family Worship

Feb. 5: Food Pantry (3:45-6:45pm)

Feb. 9: Class at 10:15am

Feb. 17: Fellowship Outing – TBD

Feb. 19: Food Pantry (3:45-6:45pm)

Feb. 23: Class at 10:15am

Mar. 1: Worship Attendance (10:30am) + Lunch discussion (11:30am-12:30pm)

Mar. 4: Food Pantry (3:45-6:45pm)

Mar. 7: Styrofoam collection (9am – noon)

Mar. 8: Class at 10:15am

Mar. 15: Class at 10:15am

Mar. 18: Food Pantry (3:45-6:45pm)

Mar. 22 & 29: No class (spring break)

Apr. 1: Food Pantry (3:45-6:45pm)

Apr. 4: Styrofoam collection (9am – noon)

Apr. 5: Class at 10:15am

Apr. 12: Easter – no confirmation class

Apr. 15: Food Pantry (3:45-6:45pm)

Apr. 19: Class at 10:15am

Apr. 22: Rummage Set-Up (6:30-8pm)

Apr. 25–26: Overnight Retreat at Camp Manitoqua (Saturday, 10:30am – Sunday, 10:30am) 

May 3: Confirmation Sunday (Celebration at 9; worship service and Rite of Confirmation at 10:30)