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While the purpose of our Welcome Team is to help both new and old members feel welcome in the church, it also focuses on assimilating new members into the life of the church, getting to know them as visitors through the orientation process, and keeping in contact with them as members.

The Welcome Team has several functions, including:

  • Ushers – Seat members before each service, and collect the offering during the service
  • Greeters – Greeters need only be available once every six weeks, and serve as a friendly face by greeting members as they enter our church before services. They answer questions for newcomers and also host a midwinter party to welcome our most recent new members and their sponsors
  • Sponsors – Sponsors are paired with new members during the orientation process and serve as a guiding resource to answer questions along the way.
  • Sunday Morning Bagel Pickup – Assistance is needed in picking up our standing bagel bite order from Great American Bagel on Saturday afternoons.

All members are welcome to participate in the above roles, and questions and interest can be directed to Jeannette Lloyd at 708-246-1900 or via email at jeannette@wscongo.org.


Marcy Dusza serves as the lay leader for our 20 person team, works with staff liaison, Jeannette Lloyd in her new as New Member & Engagement Coordinator. This team wears gold ribbons on Sunday morning, looking for and welcoming all visitors and being a regular presence before and after worship. You can help by passing the red pew pad, so we can gather visitors contact information, meeting visitors in your row and introducing them to Jeannette or the Welcome Team member, and by wearing your name tag to worship.

If you know of someone interested in finding out about membership we would love to extend an invitation to our next New Member orientation.  These happen four times a year so one is always in the works.  Just pass along contact information to Jeannette anytime.