Virtual Children’s Ministry

Even though we are not physically together, please know your First Congo family continues to pray for you and create ways to stay connected… The most recent Sunday school and worship links will be at the top.

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AUGUST 2: Summer Sunday School lesson continues this week in ITALY! Click below to go on the journey with Miss Hope & Henry:

For First Steps for July 26, Hope invites the children to create a “heart” for the front door of the sanctuary. 

Below is a PDF for you to download, print and color:

JULY 26: We take the class to Israel and celebrate Jesus’s half-birthday:

Here are some additional links and activities for you to enjoy:

Jesus’s boat.

How to make an authentic scroll: CLICK HERE.

Opening the doors of the Holy Sepulchre:

JULY 19: Summer Sunday School continues in Ethiopia!

CLICK HERE for a recipe for Ethiopian Sambossa appetizer.

JULY 12: This Sunday Miss Hope and Henry fly to France! Bienvenue! Come explore with us! CLICK HERE to start your adventure:

And here are some more places for you to visit and things to do on your Tour of France:

Virtual tour of Eiffel Tower:

Virtual tour of Louvre museum:

Tour of the Palace of Versailles:

A Recipe for French Baguettes:

French pastry classes by Molly J  Wilk:

Learn French:

JULY 5: Our next Sunday School adventure explores our great country with Miss Hope and Henry!

Here’s an additional resource for our July 5 Sunday School lesson:

Where will we fly to this Sunday, June 28 with Miss Hope & Henry? Watch below to find out…

Our June 21 Summer Sunday School takes us to Turkey! Come along for the ride…

Activities for June 21: Looking for things to do this summer? Check out Ms. Hope’s list of 100 ideas:

Click below for our June 14 Summer Sunday School Lesson as we head to Madagascar!

Here’s a Homemade Play-Doh recipe:
One cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
1 cup of water
1 tablespoon oil
3 teaspoons cream of tartar
Food coloring.

Boil water and add food coloring.
Mix flour, salt and cream of tartar in a bowl.
Add boiling water with food coloring to dry ingredients and 1 tablespoon oil.
Mix everything well.
Store in an airtight container or Ziploc bag.

And here’s a Malagasy Cake recipe:

Here’s how to make Sweet potato fritters (Mofo bageda):

And here’s the Hinsdale Food Pantry Wish List:

Click below for our June 7 SUMMER Sunday School lesson — We’re off to Australia!

CLICK HERE for a recipe for Anzac Biscuits — for JUNE 7 Sunday School

The following video teaches school-age children about Australian Aboriginal Art and gives instructions for a dot-painting project at the end.

A MUST-SEE: Adorable stop-motion Pentecost story:

Click below for our May 31 Sunday School lesson:

Here’s a coloring page to accompany our May 31 Sunday School lesson:

Click below for our May 24 Sunday School lesson:

Click below for our May 17 Sunday School lesson:

Here are a few resources to accompany our May 17 Sunday School lesson:

Click the following link for our May 10 Sunday School lesson, which will become available Saturday at 5pm:

Here’s our May 3 virtual Sunday School lesson:

May 3rd additional activities:

Shut the Lion’s Jaw song by Two by 2

Daniel Song by Saddlebrook Kids

Veggie Tales: Daniel in the Lion’s Den    

Here, Kitty Kitty, a fun song:

I Am Not a Scared Cat by Max Lucado read by Dad Reads

Here’s our April 26 virtual Sunday School lesson:

This week’s activity: Basket-weaving!

Here are some great directions to make a basket. Reach out to Hope if you need help. She loves crafting, too!! Email

  1. This girl does a great job showing how to make a basket! CLICK HERE
  2. Basket using old plastic container: CLICK HERE
  3. Using newspaper to weave a basket: CLICK HERE
  4. Here’s an idea using paper grocery bags: CLICK HERE
  5. Cardboard circle weaving: CLICK HERE

Here’s our April 19 virtual Sunday School lesson:



Family Faith Formation Resources for Easter

Here’s our April 5 virtual Sunday School lesson:

Here’s our March 29 virtual Sunday School lesson:

Here’s our March 22 Virtual Sunday School lesson:


Here’s an activity for you to enjoy with your children: Download the following coloring page, which features the prompt “God calls me…” and allows for a variety of possibilities for reflection:

– What is God calling me to do, or not do, right now?
– Who is God calling me to be?
– What name is it that God calls me?

Here’s a coloring page for our Sunday School lesson on March 22:

Additional Coloring Pages:


To prepare for Easter as a family, CLICK HERE for some helpful conversations and activities.

Psalm 23 At-Home Lesson