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Volunteer Opportunities

Every year, First Congo provides numerous opportunities to serve others locally and afar. To learn more or to volunteer, contact Meredith Onion at or call 708.246-1900.


Working under our Mission and Outreach committee and in conjunction with an agency called Refugee One, our mission is to help resettle a refugee family every two years, from countries like South Sudan, Syria, Eritrea, and Afghanistan. Our church has been involved with this ministry for more than 55 years.

Resettling families can mean meeting the family at O’Hare and bringing them home to their apartment, acquiring furniture for and setting up their apartment fully prior to their arrival, visiting them weekly for their first six months here in the US, helping them navigate our complex world, and learning English. Some specific tasks include taking them to grocery stores that have foods they are familiar with and teaching them how things work —weighing produce, the cost of meat, checking out at the register, etc. Other tasks can include teaching our refugee friends how to drive or taking them to a doctor’s appointment. We are their friends and often the closest thing they have to family here and we do whatever we can to help them assimilate to our culture, while respecting their customs and religion. It is an extremely rewarding process to be involved in.  

About Refugee One

Refugee One is an organization that creates opportunity for refugees fleeing war, terror, and persecution to build new lives of safety, dignity, and self-reliance. Since 1982, RefugeeOne has helped more than 15,000 refugees build new lives in Chicago. Alongside sponsors and volunteers, it greets refugees at the airport, supports refugee children in school, assists with integration into American culture, helps adults learn English and employable skills, and connects them to their first jobs.

Contact: Kim Nichol at

The Green Team

The Green Team has as its mission to promote environmentally responsible behavior within the church and by its members and the greater community. Toward that end the Green Team seeks to provide guidance to our congregation and community on wise practices to preserve and protect God’s creation.

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2nd Tuesdays evenings, location varies.

Dining for Women (DFW) is a global giving circle that funds grassroots projects working in developing countries to fight gender inequality. DFW celebrates the power of the individual to see an injustice and act to change it; to see need and act to fill it. We are deeply involved in the grantees we support and the problems we seek to address.

Our education component is equally as important as our fundraising. We envision a world where the lives of women and girls have been transformed and extreme poverty has been reduced. Dining for Women connects people in creative, powerful ways that assure gender equality.

The chapter enjoys a meal together; it may be in someone’s home or at church. Members share camaraderie and learn about that month’s featured grantees through videos, educational documents, and presentations, as well as free and open discussion. The money raised each month goes to fund the featured and sustained grantees, as well as support the entire mission of Dining for Women.

Contact: Laurel Seidelman,


1st and 3rd Thursdays, 12:30-2:30pm (evening chapter & Friday morning chapter available).

This inter-generational group of women focuses on three things: fellowship, hospitality, and service. The group is open to all women of the church, as well as non-member friends of the church.

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