Rebuilding Together

An organization that improves the homes and neighborhoods of elderly, disabled, and low-income residents. Its goal is to help provide warm, safe, and dry housing for homeowners who could not otherwise rehab their own home. Each April, church members volunteer and do various home repairs.

Supported by Mission & Outreach and volunteering.

2019 marks the 19th year our congregation has volunteered to help improve the life and home of our neighbors living in poverty. Our congregation has rebuilt kitchens, porches, roofs, bathrooms and painted many rooms. However the most memorable moments are the friendships I’ve seen formed during the 1-day rush to rebuild a home.

Ten years ago we needed a large group of volunteers with muscle and enthusiasm to clean the basement of a house heavily damaged by backed-up storm sewers, so I reached out to Mike Tilden to recruit from the PF group. Mike’s team performed admirably bringing energy, enthusiasm, enormous appetites for pizza and utterly no experience fixing houses. Once the basement was cleared, I put my neighbor’s teenage son with a group of PF girls painting the kitchen cabinets. They ended up covered in paint and the cabinets looked OK, but the real artistry was the face painting two of them had done on each other. They ended up dating for 2 years! Another year, a friend on his second date invited his girlfriend to a Rebuild Together event. I thought he was crazy, but apparently I was wrong: She couldn’t stop talking about how sweet he was to be helping.

I can’t promise you’ll find Cupid at a Rebuild event, but you will find a day of sweat, grit, laughter and friendship with good people helping less fortunate neighbors and asking for nothing in return. It really is very rewarding.