Holy Week & Easter

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Due date: February 6

THEME: Being Good Stewards of God’s Creation

The Lenten devotional is a gift we give each other when we share our thoughts and stories for the daily readings throughout the Lenten season and is a wonderful way for us to learn from each other and deepen our sense of community as a people of God.

This year our theme is Being Good Stewards of God’s Creation.

We all have reflections, scriptures and stories that speak to the splendor of the earth God created for us and the necessity of maintaining that gift, and hope you will consider writing a contribution. We ask that you submit your gift by Feb. 6 so we can joyfully prepare them to appear in the weekly email starting on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22.


  • Where or what in nature helps you hear God’s glory declared loudly? Are there special places that resonate or make you feel that you have encountered God in Creation?
  • How do you maintain hope in a time of climate crisis? Have you made any specific efforts to help mitigate the detrimental effects of our daily living on the environment?
  • How does your Christian faith shape your environmental stewardship?
  • Which detail of creation reflects God’s hospitality to you the most?
  • What aspects of God’s creation would you like to learn more about, if only to rejoice in God’s loving attention to detail?
  • How do we achieve justice and balance, not only with our fellow human beings but with all of creation, so that we are able to continue reaping the joys of nature, the environment and our world?

Click below to email your submissions (with attribution or anonymously):

here’s what’s happening during

Ash Wednesday

February 22, 2023
Morning Service: 6:30AM in the Chapel followed by breakfast in the Seim Room
Family Service: 6:30PM in the Sanctuary

The 6:30PM worship will be in person and live-streamed.

Ash Wednesday is a solemn reminder of human mortality and the need for reconciliation with God and marks the beginning of the Lenten season.

We will gather to worship at 6:30AM in the chapel and 6:30PM in the Sanctuary. The Labyrinth will be available to walk all day.

The 6:30PM service will be live-streamed.

Ash Wednesday (1)

Maundy Thursday Worship &
Labyrinth Walk

April 6, 2023
8PM in the Sanctuary

Worship will be in person and live-streamed.

On Maundy Thursday, we remember the night before Jesus was betrayed, when he shared the Last Supper with his disciples and gave them a New Commandment, to love one another. The Labyrinth Walk will follow the Maundy Thursday service.

If you are not joining us in person, please gather communion elements for the live-streamed service available on YouTube.


Good Friday

April 7, 2023
Stations of the Cross & Labyrinth Walk
5PM in Plymouth Hall

A custom of our Christian tradition is to keep vigil with Christ throughout Holy Week. Walking and praying through the stations of the cross, accompanying Jesus on his final walk through Jerusalem, known as Via Dolorosa — the way of sorrow.

A Labyrinth Walk will immediately follow the Stations of the Cross.

Childcare will be provided for young children. This worship service will be in-person only. 

Stations of the Cross_IG

Holy Saturday:

April 8, 2023
Restorative Yoga, Healing Prayer
9 – 11:30AM in Plymouth Hall

$20 suggested donation

The last few years have been painful — even traumatic — and we need time and space set apart for healing. Rev. Katherine Willis Pershey will offer a unique Holy Saturday experience: Restorative Yoga, Healing Prayer. 

Participants will have time to reflect through the practices of labyrinth and journaling, engage in an all-levels accessible restorative (yin) yoga practice, and be led in a time of prayer and blessing. All of this will happen in the context of a safe and loving community of faith. 

A donation of $20 to the Faith & Flow Yoga Fund is suggested, but is not required for attendance. 


Easter Sunday

April 9, 2023
7:30AM, 9AM and 10:30AM in the Sanctuary

On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the good news that Christ is Risen. On the highest of holy days in the Christian year, we remember the Resurrection in story and song, glorify God with special music, and cover the cross with colorful flowers. 

Virtual Lectio Divina

We are pleased to share Marv Baldwin’s virtual Lectio Divina practice with you. Marv is a long-time member of our church and is founder of Soul Journeys. If you weren’t able to join one of the Lectio Divina groups, this is still a way for you to engage in this spiritual practice throughout Lent. Thanks, Marv! 


Create a special time for your family — maybe every day — where you all can share a simple spiritual practice. Use a corner of your family room and place a candle on a table. Invite your family and God to be together. This can be such a gift to you and your family. 

Light the candle, take a few deep breaths and say a prayer (Help, Thanks, Wow), read scripture (download Lenten Scriptures below) or the First Congo devotional. Share where you saw or noticed God today. Tell each other, “God loves ___!” Create this new time at the dinner table or before bed. Even if just for a few minutes. Most importantly, be quiet and listen for God to speak to you. God is always present and with us.


Families can listen anytime to Lenten Stories with Miss Hope on our podcast channel. Storytime is part of the Children’s Ministries Lenten experiences for our children.

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