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During the pandemic, many probably spent time reorganizing overflowing closets or stacked pantry shelves. Did you know volunteers, Anita Gareiss and Mary Noe, were doing this same thing in the Kemper Library? Even prior to the pandemic, Anita and Mary would meet weekly in the library for two hours, where they physically touched every book, evaluating its relevancy and condition. Though the library functioned well before, Anita and Mary worked with Rev. Katherine Willis Pershey to develop an improved, uniform shelving system with each book sorted into a category and given a coordinating color.

Mary and Anita were amazed at the range of book topics, which include subjects on architecture, cooking, grief, parenting, and books helping children to be good people. Many books are signed by the authors and cannot be found in local libraries.

Anita and Mary were both thrilled to be asked to be part of this project. After recently retiring from teaching at First Congo Preschool, Anita missed coming into the church building and connecting with others, so this volunteer opportunity fit her needs perfectly. She liked working with and learning more about Mary, whose library skills are very sharp as she is currently working in the Youth Services Department at the Thomas Ford Library after retiring 6 years ago from teaching in District 101. Both felt that volunteering was a way to share their time and talents with the church to enrich the church community.

The Kemper Library was formerly Rev. Bob Kemper’s office and was converted to a library in XXX. This room not only holds our collection of books but is frequently used for church meetings. The Kemper Library is a thoughtfully curated collection of resources for children and adults that foster relational reconciliation, encourage faith formation, invite personal healing, and nurture a vision of God’s peace and wholeness. Please stop by, peruse the shelves, and check out a book or two for your spiritual journey.

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First Congo branded border for hero banners

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First Congo branded border for hero banners