Green Team Resources & Tips

The Green Team promotes environmentally responsible behavior within the church and by its members.  The Green Team has put together tip sheets with resources to help make reducing, reusing, and recycling easier for you.

Click below for tips for resources on how to make reducing, recycling and reusing easier:

Click HERE for wise practices and purchases in the KITCHEN.

Click here for wise practices and purchases in the BATHROOM.


Click here for information on COMPOSTING.

Click here to learn HOW TO MAKE A T-SHIRT BAG.

Click here for information on RAIN BARRELS and RAIN GARDENS.

Throw it away…….but WHERE is AWAY?
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Monthly Village Styrofoam Collection!

The Village of Western Springs is sponsoring a monthly Styrofoam collection on the 1st Saturday of each month. The monthly Styrofoam collection takes place at the Western Springs Recreational Center (1500 Walker St, Western Springs, 60558) parking lot from 9am – noon, and volunteers will be there to help unload.

All block Styrofoam and clean Styrofoam food containers are accepted: such as clamshells, cups, plates, food trays from meat and produce, egg cartons, AND all packing Styrofoam/#6 blocks and wedges (please put packing Styrofoam items in a separate bag).

Unfortunately peanut styrofoam is NOT allowed (but you can take it to Pack, Wrap & Send in Western Springs).

For more information on Green Team recycling initiatives contact Sue Klein (708-502-0231) or Joe Skvara (708-990-1325).

The Green Team Mission: “The Green Team has as its mission to promote environmentally responsible behavior within the church and by its members and the greater community.  Toward that end the Green Team seeks to provide guidance to our congregation and community on wise practices to preserve and protect God’s creation.”  

The Green Team is always working on ways to make the church and church activities more “green.”  Here are some examples of our green initiatives:

  • The Green Team set-up dishwashing stations at the kick-off picnic and encouraged people to bring non-disposable plates/cups/etc.

  • The Green Team ensures all rooms/offices in the church have trash AND recycling bins.

  • The Green Team educates the congregation about green initiatives and simple things they can do at home to be more green.

  • The Green Team has previously organized a plastic bottle cap collection.  The Green Team collected over 800 lbs. of caps that were used to make two benches.  The benches were then donated to Pilgrim Park and Tower Hill Camps – sister UCC camps in IL and MI.

  • The Green Team has been active during rummage sales, collecting and recycling unused cardboard and plastic bags.

  • The Green Team has promoted the use of China and glass during coffee hour and special events to eliminate the use non-recyclable cups and paper products.

  • The Green Team spearheaded, and now co-sponsors with the Village of Western Springs, monthly styrofoam (#6 polystyrene) collections for recycling by Dart Container, keeping the non-degradable material from landfills. Collections take place on the 1st Saturday of each month in the parking lot of the Western Springs Recreational Center at 1500 Walker St. from 9am – 12pm.

The Green Team is looking for new members to fulfill its mission.  If you are interested in joining the group, contact Sue Klein (708-502-0231) or Joe Skvara (708-990-1325).