A Gift of Light: WATTS OF LOVE

2019 Children’s Ministry Project

Each year the Children’s Ministry committee creates a family offering project for children to learn and experience the joy of sharing God’s love with others.

We invite your family to join us as we learn and support the mission of Watts of Love. Please read the brochure below to learn about the organization and participate in the activities listed on the back of the brochure.

TO MAKE A DONATION to Watts of Love, click on the link provided below, write a check to First Congregational Church (with WOL in the memo line) or donate cash/coins to the coin maze near the Light Court.

The offering will be blessed on November 3 during the worship service.

May we come together to shine God’s light and help others.

Thank you in advance for your gift! Suggested donations are listed below.

Click HERE to make a donation: