Parents of Teens

Meeting periodically at church or in members’ homes, this group connects parents who are experiencing the joys and challenges of raising teens. While thinking more deeply about the connection between their faith and their parenting, group members strive to grow personally while supporting each other along the way.

Please contact Meredith for more information at meredith@wscongo.org or 246-1900 ext. 222.

Recommended Resources:

Not to stress you out, :*), but here’s a quick, helpful video regarding teens and stress/anxiety!

In addition, please check out an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune from Nov. 26, 2017.

Julie Lythcott-Haimes: How to raise successful kids without over-parenting


Sexting the Night Away: Responding to the Prevalence of Teen Sexting

13 Signs Your Kid is Graduating from High School & You’re Totally Losing It

The Most Important Lessons for Teens

Parenting as a Gen Xer: We’re the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything

A resource for parents of children with mental illness: https://themighty.com/


Thursday Book Group

Women of all ages gather on Thursday mornings from 9 – 11am September thru May to engage with books, each other, to deepen our theological understanding, and to help walk the Christian path with integrity, purpose and passion.  We also laugh a lot!

Childcare is offered in the Youth Room, while the group meets in the Seim Room.

All are welcome to join this group for any or all of our studies.  If you would like to know more, please contact Rev. Meredith Onion at meredith@wscongo.org.

Archived Links:

Ted Talk: What do you think when you look at me?

Ted Talk: Monica Lewinsky & The Price of Shame

I’ve Been Called Isis A Lot Lately

The Book of Joy. How do we live a life of joy in the face of adversity? Spend breathtaking time in deep dialogue and playful laughter with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Join two of the most joyful people on the planet—who are also beloved friends—and share their hard-won wisdom of finding enduring happiness and joy in the face of life’s challenges.


Bible Study

The Bible (and sometimes book) study gathers from 7-8pm in the Kemper Library to read and discuss sacred scripture. Rev. Katherine Willis Pershey facilitates the conversation. After an illuminating year studying the Gospel of John, we have begun making use of the excellent Thoughtful Christian studies. We will continue focusing on scriptures, as well as discussing relevant spiritual, theological, and cultural issues.

Check the Upcoming Events on the website home page for dates of future Bible study meeting dates.

Biblical study is a core intellectual and spiritual practice of the Christian faith. If you are interested in this opportunity to grow in faith and understanding, please email Katherine at katherine@wscongo.org to sign up.


Moms in Faith

Moms in Faith was founded as a ministry of the church in the fall of 2010. In the years since, we began meeting on Friday mornings, the group has shared a lot of laughter and tears as women have gathered to share honestly about our lives, pray for one another, grow as women of faith, and nurture deep and abiding friendships. Moms in Faith is a community centered in Christ and open to ALL.

Moms in Faith is coordinated by a Steering Team that works closely with Associate Minister Rev. Katherine Willis Pershey, and meets on Friday mornings from 9-11am from September to May.

Once a month the group welcomes a guest speaker. Twice a month we discuss articles or blog posts of resonance and value; these might be about parenting, spiritual practices, current events, etc. And one Friday a month the group enjoys breakfast, fellowship, and an opportunity to learn about a local mission partner, often engaging in meaningful mission projects, such as preparing meals for BedsPlus.

We also host evening gatherings! Please join us on January 31, April 11, and May 30 at 7pm in the Seim room.

2018 Spring Registration

Thanks to the generosity of the members who support First Congregational Church through their tithes and offerings, complimentary childcare is available.

Members of Moms in Faith are encouraged to pay $50 each semester to cover program expenses. This will be collected via PayPal on the registration page, or by check (First Congregational Church of Western Springs; Memo: MIF). Scholarships are available if this is a barrier for participation. Guest speakers are open to the public for a $5 drop-in rate.

To learn more, contact Katherine via email or at ext. 220.


Men’s Breakfast

From September through May on the second Saturday of every month, the men of the church are invited to come together for light breakfast, hearty fellowship and an interesting program. The Men’s Faith & Fellowship Breakfasts begin at 7:45am in the Seim Room and usually end by 9am. The group is led by our Senior Minister Rich Kirchherr.

Please contact Rich with any questions or additional information: rich@wscongo.org , ext. 213.