Monthly Village Styrofoam Collection!

The Village of Western Springs has partnered with Dart Container Corporation, a styrofoam recycler, to establish a monthly collection drop-off site. It will take place on the 1st Saturday of every month at the Grand Avenue Community Center parking lot from 9am-12pm.

What can be recycled? Clean block (packing type) and food-related (food trays, clam shells, cups, egg cartons) items. They should be separated as to type—block in one clear plastic bag and food related in a different bag.

Unfortunately peanut styrofoam is NOT allowed (but you can take it to Pack, Wrap & Send in Western Springs).

The Green Committee mission: to promote environmentally responsible behavior within the church and by its members.

We are always working ways to make the church and church activities more “green”.

  • We had dishwashing stations at the kick off picnic and encouraged people to bring non-disposable plates/cups/etc.

  • We work to make sure all rooms/offices in the church have trash AND recycling bins.

  • We’re always trying to educate the congregation about green initiatives and simple things they can do at home to be more green.

  • We had a big collection of bottle caps the past couple years. We collected over 800 lbs. of caps and that was used to make 2 benches that were then donated to Pilgrim Park and Tower Hill Camp – sister UCC camps in IL and MI.

  • The Green Committee has been active during rummage sales by collecting unused cardboard and plastic bags.

  • We have promoted the use of China and glass during coffee hour and special events to eliminate the use non-recyclable cups and paper.

  • The Green Committee sponsored several Styrofoam collections and transported the Styrofoam to a company that recycles it to prevent this material from entering landfills where it does not degrade.

  • We helped spearhead a movement that has resulted in the village of Western Springs agreeing to have a monthly Styrofoam collection – the first Saturday of each month, starting in November 2017 at Grand Avenue Community Building parking lot. (Cleaned food Styrofoam and packaging Styrofoam only – NO PEANUTS.)

  • Plus we’re always looking for new projects!

The Green Committee is looking for new members to fulfill its mission.  If you are interested in joining the group, contact Wendy Vichick (708-784-0275) or Dick Kassner (708-784-1870).