Last Call for Easter Flower Orders!

There is still time to purchase spring flowers to decorate the altar for Easter Sunday worship services. We are also looking for volunteers to deliver flowers to church members who need some Easter cheer. To purchase flowers please go to the GIVE tab to start the process or contact Beth Tracy, (order form is due by March 26). If you are interested in helping to deliver flowers after the worship services on Easter Sunday, just let Beth know.

beth@wscongo.org708.246.1900 Ext. 210

Easter flowers can be ordered and paid for online, just click here! 

Lent Worship Schedule:

Palm Sunday, March 25

8am, Ecumenical Blessing of the Palms at the Tower Green.
9am & 10:30am, worship with Communion.

Maundy Thursday, March 29

8pm, Meditative Communion in the Sanctuary, Labyrinth Walk following worship.

Good Friday, March 30

5pm, Stations of the Cross worship in Plymouth Hall. Childcare for children 3 and under is available.
6:30-8:30pm Labyrinth Walk.

Easter Sunday, April 1

7:30am worship with Communion. 9am and 10:30am worship with the Chancel Choir.
All services are in the Sanctuary.

Lenten Devotional Book


We welcome all to participate by following by taking a picture, posting it on your social media using the hashtags: #lent2018 #holygroundsacredspacepage(s). You can post every day, or just when you’re inspired to because there are no rules – it’s just meant to meaningful to you during lent (and maybe inspirational to others) .

You can also follow the church on Instagram @fccwesternsprings.


Self Guided labyrinth Walks during Lent

The Paul Stiffler Labyrinth is open for self guided walks during Lent. The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that gives us an opportunity to pray, repent, search our souls, reflect, look inward, seek justice, and rededicate ourselves and faith in preparation for the celebration of Easter. Prior to walking the labyrinth, set an intention to focus your walk. As you enter the labyrinth release your stress, anger, or frustration. As you approach the center, quiet your mind, listen, be open, and let the spirit guide the process, as the walk draws you closer to God. Then reflect on your devotional walk as you follow the path out and reconnect with your daily life. The labyrinth may be walked throughout the 46 days of Lent. Walkers may also elect to walk directly into the center if they wish. Please check the calendar of events to be sure that Plymouth Hall is available.

Two guided walks are scheduled during Lent:

Following The Maundy Thursday Service, and on Good Friday from 7 to 9 PM.

Sacred Ground, Holy places, to many of us, include venues of historic significance. Many have visited holy places, where the presence of God through many centuries was visible and palpable. Others have visited that, while technically not religious or “holy” in the literal sense, have given us pause, filled our spiritual heart, or changed our perspective. As we prepare for Lent, and look to share our spiritual stories, consider the following:

  1. Have you ever experienced a spiritual renewal after spending time in a particular place? What was it about that space that filled your spiritual heart? Tell us about the spiritual renewal that you experienced. Share a story about a time when you had a heightened awareness of God’s presence and love. Tell us about the place where this occurred. Was it a church, a simple unadorned space, or in a place that exists in nature, free of the “hand of man”? What were your feelings?

  2. Where do we meet the Divine and find the Spirit of the Lord?

  3. Have you ever experienced spiritual renewal after spending time in a particular place? What was it about that place that filled your spiritual heart? What impact did your experience have on your religious perspective?

Sometimes ordinary spaces can be transformed into a sacred space.

  1. Have you ever been part of transforming or preparing a space from “ordinary” to “sacred?”

  2. What elements make a sacred space transcendent to you—are these physical, or not? Is it easier for you to feel the presence of God in an elaborate structure built to the glory of God, or in a simple, unadorned space, or in a place that exists in nature, free of “the hand of man”?

  3. How do you prepare yourself to experience a sacred space? Is it easier or more difficult for you to experience the sacredness of a place with other people present?

Sometimes it feels necessary to leave secular space in order to reflect and find spiritual peace.

  1. Where have you found spiritual peace? In what physical space do you see or feel God? Do you always feel Gods’presence there, or was it only once?

  2. Where have you seen elements of architecture that identify a place as holy or sacred? Where in nature have you experience a holy or sacred space?

  3. Where do you find spiritual refuge, renewal, peace and hope?

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