Dry January

Laughing with friends over a pint of craft beer or drinking a fine wine with dinner is a source of pleasure, even joy. In the Gospel of John, Jesus’s first miracle was turning water into wine, allowing the wedding guests to abide in celebration a little longer. Yet, we live in a culture that doesn’t always encourage moderation or reflection about the role of alcohol in our lives. Many people have begun observing Dry Januarys, a month-long reset in which participants fast from alcohol in order to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits – benefits that are beginning to be corroborated by medical studies. If you feel like Dry January is right for you this year, sign up here to receive weekly encouragement emails from Pastor Katherine, who will be engaging in her third annual Dry January in 2019. Only Pastor Katherine will know the identities of participants.

Please note: Dry January is not intended for people who have identified they are grappling with an addiction; if you are worried about your drug or alcohol use, please get the support you need to begin the path of sobriety. The pastors and parish nurse are always happy to offer pastoral care and professional referrals.

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